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CurvyClaire - Breakdown Pt1 HD Video
Video Update

My car broke down in the middle of nowhere but luckily a knight in shining armour Spunky S...

CurvyClaire - Breakdown Pt3 HD Video
Video Update

Fucked hard over the bonnet of his car, Spunky Sam lives up to his names and creams my tit...

Sugarbabe - Spunky Spunky Time HD Video
Video Update

Let me show you how to make a cock spunk by using massage cream and really working the hea...

GrandmaLibby - Spunky Birthday Pt1 HD Video
Video Update

It was my birthday, so it was time to celebrate. Libby x

CurvyClaire - Claire, Dee & Spunky Sam 3 Some Pt1 HD Video
Video Update

With both Double Dee and Spunky Sam Rogers to play with, I knew I was in for a fun time. C...

CurvyClaire - Visiting Fuck Pt1 HD Video
Video Update

When I need a fuck Ive just got to grab the opportunities when I can. Calling round to vis...


THE THICKEST HEAVIEST SPUNK EVER UNLOADED ON ME LIVE Sam had fucked me over and over maki...

Sugarbabe - Shoot Your Spunk Over These Big Tits HD Video
Video Update

Now its time to get covered in spunk, so let me get my hands on that big cock and give it ...

DoubleDee - Spanked Gagged Fucked Pt3 HD Video
Video Update

If you Like Good hard fucking Videos this is for you as Sam Rogers really fucks me hard ma...

CurvyClaire - Claire, Dee & Spunky Sam 3 Some Pt4 HD Video
Video Update

Dee always knows how to treat my tits just right. Claire xx

GrandmaLibby - Spunky Birthday Pt6 HD Video
Video Update

What a lovely present he left, all over my tits. Libby x

CurvyClaire - Fun Fuck Pt3 HD Video
Video Update

Sam really uses his massive tool to good affect as he impales me in all sorts of positions...

GrandmaLibby - Spunky Birthday Pt4 HD Video
Video Update

Hes a good kisser too - Libby x

DoubleDee - Dee Suck Fuck Slut Pt3 HD Video
Video Update

After fucking me for ages its time for Sam to spunk his massive load of semen all over my ...

CurvyClaire - Claire, Dee & Spunky Sam 3 Some Pt3 HD Video
Video Update

Dees cunt tastes just divine - Claire xx

Sam32k - Panty Doggy Fuck HD Video
Video Update

wearing some big sexy knickers i decided to let my camera man come behind me and give me a...

WarmSweetHoney - Three Dirty Lesbians Pt1 HD Video
Video Update

Heres a Little Gem from the Archives Re-Edited and Re-Mastered by Sam the Slasher shot bac...


Nurse Naomi XXX pulls me down kisses me hard, she wants cock Im happy to oblige. I plung...

CurvyClaire - A Walk In The Cunt Tree Pt2 HD Video
Video Update

Out for a walk with Spunky Sam Rogers, it was an ideal time for a quiet fuck in a field. C...

CurvyClaire - Claire, Dee & Spunky Sam 3 Some Pt7 HD Video
Video Update

Its been a marathon fuck fest, but Spunky Sam Rogers me to the last. Claire xx


Theres no telling when Grandma Libby will feel sexy Working in my kitchen wearing only my...

DoubleDee - Spanked Gagged Fucked Pt1 HD Video
Video Update

Wearing my dirtiest PVC,Sam spanks my ass so hard with a paddle before gagging my mouth th...

DoubleDee - Spunky Sam Cock Sucking Compilation Pt1 HD Video
Video Update
9 days ago

Spunky Sam has a huge big cock that I love to suck till he spunks his massive load all ove...


Hi Guys xxonce again i meet up with my friend Spunky Sam, this guy is one of my favourite ...


At last I managed to get my hands on the drop dead dirty Barby, Sam was there to tend our ...

CurvyClaire - Visiting Fuck Pt2 HD Video
Video Update

Sam can fuck me any way any way he wants with his massive tool. Claire xx


You know, Im coming to the conclusion that there must be some kind of inherited trait in m...


Anal CIM Special finale see Sam fucking my tight Anus making me scream and come then suck...

CurvyClaire - Visiting Fuck Pt4 HD Video
Video Update

Spunky Sam always delivers the goods and this time is no exception with him emptying his h...


In this weeks update you get over 140 photos and later this week a video in HD that is ove...

CurvyClaire - Claire, Dee & Spunky Sam 3 Some Pt2 HD Video
Video Update

Sams huge cock came out to play and Dee and myself had very big smiles on our faces. Clair...


I was under the weather recently so Nurse Naomi XXX came round to perk me up, Naomi mounte...


After teasing me for so long making me come with toys,Sam now lifts my ass up and enters m...


Hi Guys, Here you find me in a luxury room with a butler and maid ready to make my dreams ...


Thought it was about time I popped round to see Spunky Sam to see how he was getting on. I...

DoubleDee - Dee Suck Fuck Slut Pt2 HD Video
Video Update

Sam Rogers Fucks Me So Hard In This Video That My Face Is a Picture Of Pleasure And Pain f...


This is part 2 of my Spunky Sam shoot once again this amazing guy lives up to his nameIm ...


Later on this week you get to watch me being feed cock, you know you love to watch me havi...


While have fun with two young lads the camera men decide to join in. I get my spunky pussy...

Lexxxi - Fuck A Fan winner Sam Silver Pt 2 HD Video
Video Update

Sam was a long time fan of my website and I was delighted to give him a taste of Lexxxi fu...

CurvyClaire - Basqueing Big Cock Pt2 HD Video
Video Update

On my back with my legs akimbo, Sam pumps me full of big hard cock. Claire xx


Thought it was about time I popped round to see Spunky Sam to see how he was getting on. I...


On all fours Sam enters me from behind fucks me deep making me scream and shout out in pl...


I love inviting guys to my bukkake parties, i feel great knowing i am going to make them a...


Hi Guys, This time you find me in a lovely hotel room with a butler on hand to feed me gra...

GrandmaLibby - Spunky Birthday Pt5 HD Video
Video Update

I just cant get enough - Libby x

CurvyClaire - PVC 3 Some With Double Dee Pt2 HD Video
Video Update

Its not long before Ive got Spunky Sams girth deep inside me as I ride his cock Claire xx

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